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Updated Color Corps Drill Manual

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You can click the photo to download a copy of the new manual - please review the material carefully as there are many changes in the manual.


Exemplification Candidate/Observer Dress


With the change in the official uniform of the Patriotic Degree, a change is also being made to the dress requirements for Patriotic Degree Exemplifications.

Starting with the Fall 2017 Exemplification, candidates are able to wear a dark business suit (black, dark blue, dark grey) with plain white shirt - lay down collar (not button down), tie (no bow ties), black socks and black shoes or, if they choose, a tuxedo.

Sport coats and light colored suits are not allowed. Since the Exemplification is a solemn ceremony, proper taste should be used in tie selection. Candidates serving in the armed forces of this county, full-time police and firefighters may wear their Class A or dress uniform. When wearing a tuxedo, it must be a black tuxedo (traditional – no double breasted or tails) with a black bow tie, white pleated shirt – lay down collar (no winged tip collars allowed), black cummerbund (no vests), black shoes and socks.

Observers at an exemplification may wear either a tuxedo with the Social Baldric (until June 30, 2018), a dark business suit (same requirements as candidates), or the new uniform. When wearing a business suit or the new uniform, a social baldric is not to be worn.

Exemplars will continue to wear their traditional ceremonial robes.

With the change to the dark business suit for candidates, the social baldric will no longer be provided to candidates/new Sir Knights. However, social baldrics will be available for purchase for those who would like one (at a discounted price).

These requirements are being provided based on the latest information I have received from Supreme and the Vice Supreme Master. As additional information and requirements are provided, this document will be updated.

Issued: August 29, 2017


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District II Color Corps escorting the casket of Marshal Phil May.  A sad day, but a honor to our fallen brother.