From our Degree team to our Honor Guard we stand firmly upon a long and positive history of leadership and staff teamwork that formed District II into the Very BEST District in the Province.

We serve the Assemblies of the Knights of Columbus Fourth Degree within the 19 Counties that comprise the Lansing Diocese and Kalamazoo Dioceses. These are located in the lower peninsula of the state of Michigan. Our mission is to assist and coordinate the Fourth Degree functions among these 22 Assemblies.

We are currently preparing to host our 84th Exemplification this spring and fliers are available under the Exemplification tab up above.  Any forms you need can be downloaded by clicking on the Forms tab above.  This is a great opportunity to bring third Degree members into the Fourth Degree. Do make the extra effort to recruit your 4th Degree candidates to attend this All Day Event..

If you need any assistance, please feel free to contact me.

SK Joseph Yekulis
Master of the Fourth Degree- District II     

83rd Exemplification in Dewitt








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